Why brain stem remediation?


  The stability and success of a building is directly related to it's foundation.  Some of the symptoms of a faulty foundation are doors and/or windows that  will not open or close properly, cracks on the wall, etc. If the home owner concentrates on only fixing the doors and windows or cracked walls without addressing the foundation, while the house may look a little better without cracks on the wall or slanty windows/doors, the problem will persists. The only way the problem will be taken care of is if the foundation is fixed.   What a foundation is to a building, the brain stem is to the central nervous system.  After the foundation (brain stem - which controls breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and the initiation of involuntary reflexes. ) comes the midbrain and cerebellum which is responsible for voluntary reflexes, posture and balance, then comes the Cortex where reasoning, learning and logic takes place.


All learning takes place in the brain which receives sensory information from the environment through the body.  A breakdown in the function of the brain/body will affect the ability of the brain to take in, process and convey information in an orderly manner. While learning problems do affect the cortex, not all learning problems / difficulties are a result of an impaired cortex.   If the child’s learning and/or academic challenges  are the result of a faulty foundation (brain stem), until that problem is addressed at the brain stem level, the problem will remain and the child will not be able to reach his/her full potential.  Since the brain stem is the foundation for all learning, any dysfunction in the brain stem will affect the child’s attention, balance, coordination, reading, writing, emotions, and much more.  

 At ABC Foundations, each child is assessed to determine their earliest point of dysfunction, once that point has been identified, we then create a specialized program based on their individual needs.  This is what sets up apart from some of the other programs out there.  Most other programs usually focus their remediation on the higher levels of the brain (cerebellum and cortex).  These programs are usually beneficial to the child that has no immaturity at the brain stem level. For children with immaturity at the brain stem level, they may see some results with these programs, however, the child will still not be able to reach his/her full potential.