Client Testimonials

Observations regarding Behavior, Emotions & Academics.


"B" - 14 years old

Emotionally, “B” has made great strides. The frustration level has diminished. He has a lot more confidence in the way carries himself and communicates. His delivery is much improved as well. He is able to organize his thoughts concisely into verbal output and deliver with confidence. His ability to gauge the listener’s attention is greatly improved. In fact he is often able to gather his thoughts and move to the next point without giving all the fine details of the current point he’s expounding on. In the past, he would have just shut down communication if/when he realized he was not being truly heard. His verbal mastery of communication is now much closer to his written communication.  The improvement has been distinct enough for a family friend who had not seen him for several weeks to comment on it to us.

- Mom

"J" - 9 years old

“J” seems to be doing really well.  That he is becoming a bit more even. We are far from where I would like to see him, but I find that I am less concerned about how he is going to behave when I am not with him. That’s kind of a big deal for me! This VBC was fantastic. I wasn’t talked to about his behavior once! He was not talked to by the teacher, and wasn’t called out for his behavior in the class. This is a first for us. He also was a different kid after VBC than he was last year.   His Mom

"C" - 14 years old

Things are going pretty well right now. She started science and history classes outside the home and a new dance school this week. Normally, her anxiety would be through the roof with these kinds of changes. I braced myself all day for the meltdowns but they never came. She handled things like a champ. – Mom

"Z" - 14 years Old

.. With school he is following along better with the read a loud Biology. He is retaining the info. Remembering the content and even raising his hand and answering correct in a group of 20 peers!!!! I’m shocked. He’s taking the quizzes and getting the answers right. On his own. Without me reading it to me. He remembered his multiplication facts much better too. He is not slouching or laying to one side when sitting at the school table, but still fidgets and rolls back in his chair. He gets his school work done more quickly and I don’t have to hover over him keeping him focused. The biggest change I’ve seen is in his school, but overall, I’m still encouraged! ---- Mom

"R" - 9 years old

Hi, Here is a video of “R” playing catch with his sister. He couldn’t catch a ball a few months back and look at him now! He has been catching well now for about 6 weeks, so this means his hand/eye coordination is much better! - Mom

"A" & "L" (13 & 11 years old) Siblings

Hi, it has been 2 wks since I updated you on our progress, I can see improvements in “L” with his anger issues, he still struggles with it , but isn't as aggressive and loud! We are doing reading and writing, mostly reviews, but I am excited at the big improvements they both are
showing!   A's math grades are improving and he has been asking to do reading and
writing. Here is a picture of “A” last eve, he shot a doe, he was hunting with his dad and brothers. - Mom

"S" - 11 years old

“S” has improved academically, she LOVES math, is always listening to a story and she enjoys reading before bed. She is still reading lower level books, but she is reading!!!  She is also way

more focused when doing her school work or any task for that matter............She has learned better patience when things don't go the way she wants them to.

"M" - 4 years old

I just wanted to let you know that this week “M” started to try to feed himself for the first time!! Here’s a couple of pictures of him eating yogurt.  Thanks Mom