About Us

 ABC Foundations is a drug-free center that offers services to children with learning and academic difficulties. Our drug-free remediation follows the natural order of development within the central nervous system beginning at the brain stem level.  

ABC Foundations provide Neuro-Developmental Delay remediation and remedial Listening Fitness for children of all ages with various degrees of difficulties such as: ADD, ADHD, Perceptual Communication Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, speech and language, gross and fine motor skills, auditory processing, attention and focusing, reading, writing, language, organization and coordination.

ABC Foundations is NOT a medical practice and we do not diagnose any conditions, however, all clients are required to fill out a screening questionnaire that asks questions about the child's developmental history. The information we get from the screening questionnaire enables us to identify if your child has certain risk factors for neuro developmental delay.  If it is determined that the child is at risk for NDD, we will then schedule  a diagnostic assessment.   


The purpose of the diagnostic assessment is to enable us get a true picture of the overall function of the central nervous system so as to be able to determine the point of the breakdown. Once the point of breakdown down is determined, we put a customized program in place that begins at the point of the breakdown. 

Our program is designed to follow the normal pattern of child development starting at the brain stem and working its way up. Our goal is to stimulate maturity of the central nervous system by going back and recapturing earlier stages of development, beginning at the brain stem, so that children can reach their full potential.