Drug Free Therapy for ADHD,ADD, Dyslexia, ODD, Speech Delay.

ABC Foundations is a drug-free educational remediation center that offers services to children with learning and academic difficulties.  Some children struggle with learning and academics due to delay at the brain stem level known as Neuro Developmental Delay (NDD).    

 Our program is backed by years of neurological research and follows the natural order of child development.  As parents’ partner with ABC Foundations to guide their children through the process, lives are transformed.   

Executive Dysfunction

 Executive Dysfunction means that functions at the cognitive level such as learning and remembering, thinking, understanding, ability to apply known concepts (problem solving), time management, ability to cope with large volume of information, etc. is impaired in a person.  

Executive dysfunction may most likely be as a result of a dysfunction within the central nervous systems, particularly at the foundation level - the brain  stem.


Symptoms of Executive Dysfunction, ADHD, Dyslexia, Speech Delay, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Sensory Processing Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder  all point to immaturity within the central nervous system. See how we can help.

Parental Testimonials

"C" - 14 yrs old (academics & anxiety)

Things are going pretty well right now. She started science and history classes outside the home and a new dance school this week. Normally, her anxiety would be through the roof with these kinds of changes. I braced myself all day for the meltdowns but they never came. She handled things like a champ! – Mom

” J” – 4 yrs  (speech)

We just wanted to let you know that J said her first sentence today!  She said “where is kay?” !!  - Mom -

Drug Free Help For Your Struggling Learner

NDD Therapy

LiFT Listening Therapy

LiFT Listening Therapy


LiFT Listening Therapy

LiFT Listening Therapy

LiFT Listening Therapy


Academic Tutoring

LiFT Listening Therapy

Academic Tutoring


Typical Initial Parental Concerns

“She started with S/T, and P/T. Occupational was added a few months later. She had surgery for exotropia around 2 1/2 years old. She has stayed in therapies until about 2 years ago, but she does still receive speech at school. We did Vision Therapy when she was in about first or second grade. She has had reading intervention since 2nd grade. She still sees a reading specialist 2 times a week. We did Craniosacral Therapy for a year in 4th grade.   We have done so many things. She is a smart girl, but things just don't click."

"My son seems to process slowly and it is difficult to transfer copy work from the board to his notebook or even to write out math problems and then to calculate the answer etc. Everything is very tedious"

We have homeschooled her entire life. From the beginning she had a hard time even with learning the letters in her name and beginning numbers. At age 5 we worked with an independent practitioner of (another brain therapy), at 8 reading tutoring, Speech therapy age 9. None of it worked, we need help!“