A Developmental Approach

Therapy at ABC  Foundations is based on the natural order of child development.  

Our therapy program is typically threefold: Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD) Therapy, a Listening Fitness Program and Academic Tutoring.   

This is very important because the Central Nervous System develops in a specific and purposeful order.  First the spinal cord, then the brain stem, then other higher centers of the brain.  We see this strategic and purposeful order in the development of the fetus, where one stage builds on the other.  We also see this order  in  child development as well.   Children normally  grow and develop in a specific purposeful order,  they do not stand before they learn to sit, neither do they sit before they learn to hold their heads up.  Just as child development is orderly and strategic, so is cognitive development.  

When a child therefore shows signs of developmental delay, the best therapy therefore  would be the one that seeks the lowest point of breakdown and then begins remediation from there and works its way up.  This means that the therapy MUST be based on the natural order of child development to be successful.  

Neuro Developmental Delay Therapy

All the children we see at ABC Foundations need NDD Therapy to stimulate the brain stem so it learns to yield control to higher centers of the brain.  NDD Therapy consists of precise, non-invasive physical movements called “exercises”.  As a child progresses through NDD therapy, and the brain stem is stimulated into maturity, the child starts to function without involuntary movements from the brain stem and as a result the midbrain and cerebellum begin to function as they should with little or no stimulation, and then the cortex takes control.  For some kids the postural reflexes usually begin to emerge on their own as the primitive reflexes withdraw, however, some others may need minor stimulation. 

Listening Fitness Training (LiFT) - A developmental Approach

While some children show some auditory processing changes as they progress through NDD therapy, others may need listening therapy to stimulate further development of the auditory system.   I chose the Listening Fitness Program (LiFT) because it is based on the developmental progress of the auditory system.  This allows changes to be incorporated into the overall development of the central nervous system thereby resulting in stability.   

Some kids with auditory processing difficulties use their eyes to determine the accuracy of what they hear. Some are unable to sit still when listening and/or when speaking.  Many of these kids also have problem following multiple directions.  NDD Therapy and the Listening Fitness Program together have advanced these children developmentally; and, as a result, behavior and academics have shown extraordinary progress. 

Anna’s Sound Bits by Anna Buck– A developmental Approach 

Just as child development is orderly and strategic, so is cognitive development.  Most children who have experienced developmental delay / neurological dysfunction are usually behind in one or more academic subjects.   As they complete NDD Therapy and a Listening Fitness Program,  if it is needed, we introduce our tutoring curriculum.   Any follow-up curriculum to the Listening Fitness Program that addresses reading, writing and spelling must be thoroughly immersed in the use of sounds to be effective.   That is why we use Anna's Sound Bits a curriculum designed and put together by Anna Buck - one of the leading experts on NDD therapy.

Anna’s Sound Bits curriculum is based on normal developmental growth. Many children that have experienced developmental delays try to read visually or through context reading. When they work through NDD therapy and listening therapy, they begin to hear and discriminate between sounds correctly, for some, for the first time, this opens the door to reading readiness.   These children need to be taught how to apply listening to academic learning.  While they now have the ability to listen and process sounds correctly, they need training on how to intentionally  apply auditory processing  to reading and spelling, so they don't  revert to old familiar  habits of using only the visual system.  Anna’s Sound Bits teaches spelling, reading, and writing from that foundation, and children learn through sound.