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The Institute for Neuro - Physiological Psychology, Chester, England.


We advise you purchase and read the following books before your appointment with us as they will give you a good understanding of Primitive Reflexes:

  Miracle Children by Anna Buck. This is a primary introduction to primitive reflexes as well as true stories of children who have benefited from NDD therapy

A Journey of Hope by Anna Buck. This is a sort of a sequel to "Miracle Children".  It shows parents what to expect and things to look out for when your child is going through NDD therapy. 

Reflexes, Learning & Behavior (A window into the Child’s mind) by Sally Goddard. This is a more technical introduction to primitive reflexes.

All  books are available from or you could also purchase them us. We will be happy to send them to you at the price below:

Miracle Children $25 per book +$3.99 for postage

A journey of Hope  $25 per book +$3.99 for postage

Reflexes, Learning & Behavior - $30 per book +$3.99 for postage

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.