Where & How do I start?


In order for us to know if this program will be a great fit for your child, you will need to fill out our free no obligation  screening and listening questionnaires by clicking the links  below.   

Information from the questionnaires enables us to better identify if your child exhibits certain risks for Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD) and if this program will be a good fit for him/her.  It asks several questions about your child’s early developmental history starting with their pregnancy and ending at present day.

Once you submit it, we will look it over and contact you within 3-5 business days from when we received a completed questionnaire to schedule a free phone consultation.   During the phone consult we will discuss the results of the screening questionnaire and answer any questions you have.

 If we determine from the questionnaire that your child possibly has some retained primitive reflexes and might be a good fit for NDD therapy and/or The Listening Program, then we will make a plan for the next step, which is planning to bring your child to our office for a comprehensive assessment. Please note, that until we will not be certain that your child’s delays are as a result of retained primitive reflexes until we have completed a comprehensive assessment.

The two links below  will take you to our screening questionnaires. 

 PLEASE FILL OUT BOTH OF THEM and answer the questions  to the best of your ability