Symptoms / root cause


Many of the symptom of Neuro Developmental Delay at the brain stem level (retained primitive reflexes and absent or underdeveloped postural reflexes) are also symptoms of some diagnosis such as ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Sensory processing disorder, Auditory Processing disorder, etc.  Most of the shared symptoms are a result of dysfunction or immaturity in the Central Nervous System.  

Parents seek help for their children when they notice symptoms of delay such as immature behavior, failure to understanding social cues, reading comprehension difficulties, problems with hand / eye coordination or sensory issues such sensitivity to light, sound, etc.  During the visit,  I let the parents know that we are not going to worry about the symptoms for now.  We DO NOT ignore them, but we "put them on a shelf" for a while.  Instead of focusing on the symptoms, I conduct a comprehensive assessment to help find out the root cause of the symptoms.  During the assessment, I asses different brain and body systems such as the the visual system, balance and coordination, the motor systems, reflexes and more.  

These brain and body systems provide the foundation of learning for the child, so that in order for the child to achieve success, all these systems need to be functioning properly.  From the comprehensive assessment, I am able to determine the point of breakdown in these systems, and as such able to put a customized program together specific to that child that will target the problems at root cause.  

If you have a child who is struggling academically or socially, the key to finding the right  solution is in trying to find out the root cause of the problem instead of focusing on the symptoms.